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About Us

Tectrice Consult has for many years provided consultancy services in Britain and Bulgaria, and The Business Bridge is our new venture providing hands-on matchmaking services between Bulgarian and British entities that want to do business in each other’s countries. Alternatively we may decide early on that your needs are best pursued by opening your own operation in the country, and we are able to give practical advice and guidance on so doing.

We also provide targeted fee-based services designed to plug any knowledge gaps that may make the difference between success and failure for our clients. These might include specific and customised legal, financial, translation, and market research activities, as well as cross cultural specifics, including business English, business Bulgarian, and business etiquette.

We pride ourselves on being an extension of our clients’ expertise, and for that reason we work with no more than five clients at any one time. You can thus be sure of our dedicated attention to your business development, and if it is not working out we tell you and invite you to let us go!

B2B Matchmaking Services

Our aim is to find you the best long-term partner, for whatever you need – be that a joint venture, a supplier, a sale, a distributorship or something else.

Research and Planning

In depth analysis of your company 

In depth knowledge of your products, pricing, promotion, placing – and competitors

Your going-forward Business Strategy

Consultancy contract and terms

Target Marketing

Identification and characterisation of partners in Target Country

Identification and characterisation of target customers in Target Country

Customised presentation of your company, products and USPs

Presentation approach – exhibition, Chamber of Commerce, direct letter/email etc 


Initial approach and follow-up

Organisation of visits in home and/or target country

Contract development

Post-contract advisory

Additional Services

We will plug any knowledge gaps that may make the difference between success and failure for our clients. 


Business English

Business Bulgarian

Cross Cultural Expert Essentials

Success Training



Market Research

 Specific Legal Advice

Financial Advice



About Business

About the UK

About BG

About the EU


Here we showcase on a rotating basis some of our clients. We will also be highlighting in future,  outstanding companies in Bulgaria as well as UK, that show all the right attributes for companies that want to be part of the Global Economy.

Our Partners

For specific expertise we utilise the knowledge of our partners below, plus additional appropriate law firms and financial advisers.


Barbara Page-Roberts

Mobile: +359 (0) 886 600054

Email: tectrice@gmail.com


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